Smart Scale label printing scale


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  1. Equipped with high quality and easy-to-read LED display
  2. Units: kg/ Hong Kong Catty/ lb
  3. Support android operating system with a built-in smart weighing app. Users can import hundreds of product details from computer to scale
  4. Support international keyboards with various input methods
  5. Label printing & price computing functions
  6. Highly compatible with retail POS system
  7. Sale transactions can be exported as Excel file for further record & analysis
  8. Support label or receipt printing
  9. Able to connect to external printer
  10. Specifications:

Capacity: 30kg

Readability: 5g

Size of stainless steel platform: 300mm x 300mm

Units: Kg, Hong Kong Catty and lb

Smart Scale label printing scale

  • Warranty period of 6 months from purchase date is entitled. Maintenance fee might be charged after the expiry of warranty period.