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TM-F Series Barcode Label Electronic Scale

- Front and rear price and weight display. The display can be folded for easy storage

- 71 shortcut keys, each shortcut key is able to store 3 PLU data

- Support discount setting mode

- Support for connecting barcode scanners and cash drawers



Accuracy: 1/3000

Storage capacity: 10000 PLU Data

Number of shortcuts key: 71 shortcuts key

Printing specifications: thermal printing, Printing Speed 50mm/s

Label paper specification: 57mm paper roll width, 50mm printing width (60x40mm or 40x30mm paper roll is recommended)

Paper roll outer diameter: 90mm

Inner diameter of paper roll: 25mm

TM-F series Barcode Label Electronic Scale

  • The product warranty period is six months from the day of purchase (according to the date on the receipt ) . After the warranty period, repairs and parts may be charged. Please note: The print head is a consumable, so it is not included in the maintenance scope.

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