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​Customized Low Profile 

Platform Scale

  • Easily accessible, ideal for heavy loads

  • Customized platform size 

  • Flexible measure range for different industries

  • Rugged diamond safety tread plate deck 

Hanging scale for heavy loads are also available for ordering. Please kindly contact us for more details. 

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Smart Weighing Solutions For Recycling & Manufacturing Industries

A comprehensive solution that records weight together with many variables for further analysis can often involve a high R&D cost. With our smart weight indicator & solutions, different products can be freely programmed and many more variables (eg. Customer ID, car plate no., product names, time & date etc) can be recorded with a few clicks. Ideal for different manufacturing & Recycling industries for a stream-lined operations and enhanced efficiency. You are most welcomed to contact us for more details and advices on how the solution can help with your business.



  • Record different variables (eg. Customer ID, car plate no., product names, time & date etc)

  • Data can be synchronized to your computer via WIFI network

  • Data can be exported to EXCEL format

  • Print accumulative records on a receipt/ label when connected to a thermal printer

  • ​High flexibility in terms of capacity ( depends on platform size)


​Software user interface (English version is available)

IMG_1030 2_revise.jpg
IMG_1030 2_revised.jpg

Steel platform scale with inclined platform

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-09 at 12.19.50 PM.jpeg

Stainless steel platform scales 

platform scale nb_low_wm.jpg

Stainless steel platform scale (built-in inclined platform)

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