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​Warranty Services

All products are entitled with 6-months free warranty services ( Selected products might be exempted). For any maintenance after first 6 months,  please follow below standard procedures:

1) Bring the digital scale to our retail shop along with purchase receipt ( soft copy is also acceptable) and register with your contact number.

2) Customers will be informed on the recommended repair item (s) and the corresponding fee. We will only start repairing the digital scale upon customers' confirmation. 

3) Customers will be informed to pick up the digital scale upon the completion of maintenance services. Customers will need to pick up the scale from our retail store within 1 week. 

Terms & Conditions:

1) It usually takes 1-2 working days for the repairing of digital scale but subject to change due to the availability of parts and complexity of maintenance task. 

2) Oriental Scales Co. Ltd does not bear no liability on the potential damage to the product during repairing process. 

3) Customers should pick up the product from retail store within 1 week upon the completion of maintenance services. Any products that is forgotten or not picked up for over 2 months will be destroyed without further notice.

4) Warranty service are only available for products purchased from our company.

5)Customers should bring the products to our retail stores for any maintenance services. 


6)  Warranty does not cover any man-made damage or damage caused by environmental factors.

7)Warranty does not cover adapters, internal batteries and internal thermal printers. 

8)  Oriental Scales Co. Ltd reserves all rights to amend these terms & conditions without any further notice.  

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