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The high-precision coffee scale R40 PRO is equipped with a timing function, ideal for coffee brewing. By turning on the smart mode, the scale will automatically reset to zero when it detects the weight of the cup. When the coffee drips into the cup (the weight changes by about 0.5g-3g), the timer will start automatically. When the change of weight is more than 3g, the scale readying will be set to zero automatically.


Capacity: 5kg

Graduation: 0.1g

Min: 0.3g

Dimensions: 168 x 136 x 28mm

Operating temperature range: 0 - 40 °C

Power supply: 3 * AAA size batteries, with a USB cable attached to the package, can be connected to a mobile charger

Unit: g/ml

Auto-off time: 3 minutes

Maximum timing: 9 minutes 59 seconds


High Precision Coffee Scale R40 PRO

  • The product warranty period is 6 months from the date of purchase ( subject to the date on the receipt ) . After the warranty period, maintenance and parts costs may be charged.

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