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  • Receipt printing function: Printing receipt including data like date & time, weight and serial number etc
  • Equipped with stainless steel platform, available in two sizes: i ) 300 x 400mm and ii ) 400 x 500mm (additional charge of HKD150)
  • English version is available
  • Capacity range:80kg - 300kg
  • Readability range:10g - 50g



Measure range: 10g - 300kg

Size of stainless steel platform: 300 x400mm / 400x500 mm (additional charge of HKD150 is required)

Size of indicator: 255 (W) x 154 (H) x 70 (D) mm

Height of Scale: 700mm /833mm

Power supply: Rechargeable battery, a 12V adaptor is included

Net weight: 8kg (M size) / 10kg (L size)

Units: Kg/ g/ Hong Kong Catty/ Lb/ oz

*One roll of thermal paper is included



YAMADA receipt printing platform scale

  • Warranty period of 6 months from purchase date is entitled. Maintenance fee might be charged after the expiry of warranty period.

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