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Smart Digital Platform Weighing Scale

Equipped with Android operating system, the newly launched smart digital platform weighing scale is capable of recording important information, synchronizing these information to another computers within the same WI-FI network. Via connecting to platform of different sizes, the scale can cater different weighing needs.


Main Feature

1)Record weight & more info
Aparting from recording weight & date, the system supports input of different variables including car plates no., Staff ID and locations etc.

2)Printing Function
Simply connecting the scale to a thermal printer, the scale can print receipt/label in customized format that contains all necessary info. The accumulative function allows customer to print a few items no a single receipt.

3)Weight control & monitor
User can set a threshold for weight measuring. The system will notify when the weight does not fall into the designated range.

4)Unit conversions
Support common units like Kg, Lb, Hong Kong Catty etc.

5)Product import
User can import product info like tare weight, product name, origins or any important remarks. These info will be printed on the receipt/label.

Printing records will be stored in the system and can be synchronized to other computers within the same network. Data can also be exported as Excel files.

7)Customized receipt/ label format
Printing format of receipt/ label can be customized upon request.


Standard platform size: 250x280mm (For other sizes, please kindly contact us for further info)
Capacity: 30kg

Division : 5g
Power Suppl:12V adaptor included

Smart digital platform weighing scale

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