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Portable and highly accurate, suitable for weighing jewellery, herbs and coffee powder etc. Equipped with 100mmx100mm stainless steel platform, TP series are easy-to-clean.


Two models available under this series:

TP-2000: Capacity up to 2000g, readability is 0.1g

TP-500: Capacity up to 500g, readability is 0.01g



Measure range: 0.1g - 2000g / 0.01g - 500g

Size of platform: 99 x 99 mm

Dimension: 150 (W) x 126 (D) x 15 (H) mm

Power Supply: 2* AAA batteries

Weight (Incl package): 247g

Units: g / gn / oz / ct

Mini scale TP series (TP-2000 / TP-500)

SKU: 0042
  • TP-2000 weighs up to 2000g with a resolution of 0.1g. The stainless steel panel is used for easy cleaning. The size is 105mm (width) x 130mm (length) x 20mm (thickness). Scale basin size: 100mmx100mm product warranty period is six months from the day of purchase (according to the date on the receipt), after the warranty period, repairs and parts may be charged.