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The brand new YAMADA waterproof floor scale series adopts special waterproof, dustproof and moisture-proof technology, has IP68 level waterproof and dustproof certification, and is suitable for use in humid environments. Equipped with a clear LCD display, the materials are durable and sturdy, and the load-bearing force is extremely high. New and improved version, conversion of weighing units can be done with one click.

Product specifications

Model: YAMADA TCS Series (XK3113-FAC)

Capacity/Division (if you have specific requirements, please call our company for enquiries):
1) 60kg/5g
2) 100kg/10g
3) 150kg/20g  

Weight display size: 252 x 85 x 185mm (LCD)

Weighing platform size: 300x400mm (304 stainless steel)

Weighing unit: KG / LB / Hong Kong Catty (one-click conversion)

Waterproof and dustproof certification level: IP68

Power supply: Built-in battery DC 6V\4Ah

Working environment temperature: -5 ~ +40°C

Storage temperature: -20~60°C


YAMADA IP68 Level waterproof Stainless Steel floor scale (medium platform)

  • The free warranty period is six months from the date of purchase. (Based on the date on the receipt), you may need to pay for repairs and parts after the maintenance period.

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